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At Moon Men, we pride ourselves on being the pioneers in exploration, research, and manufacturing in legally derived hemp products. We stand behind offering the highest quality cannabinoid (THC, CBD, HHC.. etc) products on the market. We believe in the benefits of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and advocate for further acceptance for its use in the world. We can ensure there is no better product on the market with a better cause behind the company. All our products go through a 3rd party lab test to ensure product safety and top quality for our consumers.

Why do we exist as a company:

  1. Shape the Hemp / Cannabis Industry 

  2. Cannabinoid (THC, CBD, HHC.. etc)  Education

  3. Advocate for Hemp / Cannabis Acceptance

  4. Ultimate Product Quality 


Provide Complete Transparency


Continuous Product Improvement


For the Hemp/Cannabis Industry


For Use and Legalization of Beneficial Cannabinoids

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Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. LPP was founded in 2019 out of the belief that if anyone is able to profit and build wealth in the legal cannabis industry, those individuals must also work to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization.

At Moon Men we have partnered up with the Last Prisoner Project. Our team at Moon Men get to wake up every morning and get to do what we love every day for a living, and sadly people are spending their lives in prison over the same plant. Stand by Last Prisoner Project and Moon Men and help these men and women. Please help by donating at check out.

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