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About Us

Moon Men’s Fundamental Principles and Core Values reflect our #1 Priority: 

Safety and Efficacy of all Products.

Consumers can expect:

1.) Ecologically responsible, non-polluting, sustainable production

2.) Purity of processing, packaging and delivery

3.) Compliance with federal, state, local and industry standards, laws and regulations I all areas of business

4.) Use of third-party testing ensuring unbiased clarity of quality 

5.) Easy access to test results of all products.

3rd Party Lab Tested

At Moon Men we pride ourselves on offering the purest CBD products on the market. That is why all of are products go through a 3rd party lab test to make sure it passes state and federal regulations. When using Moon Men products you know exactly what you’re getting, this is why we have an easily scannable QRL code on all of our products.


What is Hemp Derived CBD?

Hemp CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which looks like marijuana but is not. CBD alone does not cause a psychoactive “high”. CBD derived from the hemp plant is legal in all 50 states. All hemp based CBD products from Moon Men contain under the legal THC limit of .3%. 


What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD products are made with the full range “spectrum” of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc..). This allows for the user to be able to get the other beneficial compounds in the hemp plant. Full Spectrum CBD allows for a legal limit of .3% THC.





"Hands down the best CBD I've ever had. All the way around. The analytics, the packaging, the smell, look, and moisture of the bud. Nicely done!"
Justin R.
"The Qrl code is extremely helpful in knowing exactly what you are putting in your body with 100% transparency. I start the day with a Special Sauce Pre-Roll and end the day with the Gelato Vape Cart!"
Connor G.
"Moon Men's products have changed my life. Their top of the line 250mg clear full spectrum cartridge has provided me with a healthy clean vape I've been waiting on for years!"
Jeremy T.
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